Smooth Feet Foot Bath Salt


Sel de bain de pieds au pamplemousse

volume : 1500g

Rupture de stock

A footbath salt with a pleasant, refreshing fragrance which perfectly prepares the skin for the pedicure procedure. Recommended especially for dry skin with a tendency to crack. Cleanses and softens calloused epidermis, facilitates removal of calluses and corns. Stimulates microcirculation, refreshes and relaxes.

Active ingredients: grapefruit extract.

SMOOTH FEET is a regenerating and smoothing care line for dry foot skin with a tendency to crack, restoring healthy and beautiful appearance. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, it provides comprehensive and fast regeneration, smoothes the skin, leaving your feet smooth and relaxed. The refreshing citrus scent additionally enhances the effect of relaxing and refreshing the skin on your feet.

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